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Software engineering performed as an art based on science

Seekford Solutions, Inc. is a high quality consulting company that primarily caters to Fortune 500 companies looking for highly experienced innovators to complete complex project assignments.  We also can consult on smaller projects for design, planning, code and architecture performance optimization, and complicated coding scenarios.

We are most known for our component division that existed for almost 10 years with cutting edge internet protocol ActiveX controls and .NET control libraries.

How can we help you?

I am interested in your WPF Tree List View Control

I am interested in your Performance Appraisal software to help me do employee reviews.

I would like to do Employee Appraisals and Reviews online using PrazeMe

I am looking for Seekford Solutions .Net Internet Library

I am looking to have Seekford Solutions quote a custom software project or to have SSI assist us on our project

Microsoft Technology

Core Dev Technologies

    MFC/Maintenance Dev

Primary Project Types

Large scale n-tier enterprise applications >50,000 users

Hardware device interactions
    Show controls
    Serial devices
Internet Protocols

Backend Infrastructure

Performance Tuning